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Heavy Duty Trucks and Auto Parts Solutions 

The Transportation industry has a renewed focus on sustainability. For heavy duty truck and automotive parts plants, this means increasing their emphasis on sustainable operations while improving first-time quality and lowering total cost of operation. Nalco Water helps auto parts to heavy duty truck manufacturers create sustainability strategies and achieve their targets through best-in-class managed operations, global industry expertise and innovative manufacturing solutions. 
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Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturing

Heavy duty truck plants require expertise in large unit manufacturing of heavy metal components, quality painting processes of plastic parts, while minimizing total cost of operations and environmental impact. Our approach allows you to manage the water in the process to maintain quality while improving the reuse of the wash water while also protecting your production assets from corrosion and scale buildup. 

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Automotive Parts Customer Success Story

Auto part manufacturers are challenged with meeting strict OEM quality specifications while minimizing cost of operations. We tie mechanical, operational and chemical elements throughout our auto part manufacturing solutions that help you reduce cycle time and run more efficiently while maintaining product quality and improving total cost of operations. 

Featured Auto Parts and Heavy Duty Truck Solutions

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Total Paint Booth Management

Paint shops involve a wide array of process areas that require close monitoring and control for optimal quality paint jobs. The pretreatment, air supply house, VOC abatement system, ovens, paint booths, dry filter booth, sludge pits or hoppers, and air and water quality play a critical role in DPU counts and FTQ rates. Read more about how Nalco Water Total Paint Booth Management optimizes paint booth efficiencies, simplifies supplier accountability, and lower total cost of operations through holistic paint booth solutions.

Apex™ Paint Detackification in Paint Booth

APEX™ Paint Detackification

APEX™ paint detackification technology has been successfully implemented in paint booth systems using all kinds of paint types (polyurethanes, 2K clear coats, high solids primers, high solids solvent-borne basecoats, and high solids water-borne basecoats). APEX™ technology delivers complete paint detackification with improved overall system collection efficiency and cleanliness.


Automotive Pretreatment Solutions

Paint shops consume thousands of gallons of high purity water each day in pretreatment operations. High purity water can be costly due to the close attention and labor the unit requires to maintain efficient and safe operations. Let Nalco Water be your turnkey solutions provider for all your full-sized and mobile RO and DI needs.

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