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Data Centers

Data Centers worldwide trust Nalco Water for critical water management strategies and programs that support their uptime and sustainability goals. From site selection through daily operations, we offer solutions, services and programs to help data centers meet today’s demand and be well positioned for the future.

Data Center Water: Facts and Figures

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68.7 Gallons
(260 Liters)
The amount of water used to binge-watch a single season of your favorite TV series.
Young girl drinking a glass of water, which demonstrates our drinking water needs.
174 Billion Gallons
(658 Billion Liters)
The total water usage by U.S. data centers in 2020 — equal to the annual drinking water needs of more than 601 million people.
Graph overlaid on woman sitting with a laptop and pad, showing world data growth.
The amount by which the world’s data is expected to grow in the next decade.
Binary code overlaid on water waves.
The amount of water needed to cool one 8KW server rack.

Real-World Success Stories

We help data centers improve sustainability and maximize uptime and water savings at every stage of the facility life cycle. Learn more about our data center solutions, strategies and programs:

Two women working on solutions at a data center.
Optimizing Safe Water at SAP Data Centers

SAP minimizes risks and avoids unexpected costs at its data centers worldwide.

Waterfall and pool of water.
Helping a Data Center Achieve Its Water Reduction Goal

Data center reduces annual water use by 11 million liters.

Cooling tower and water management at a large data center
Cooling Water Management

Optimize critical data center cooling assets to maximize operational availability and minimize carbon footprint.

Infinity symbol made out of water
Life Cycle Management

Solve end-to-end data center water management challenges from site selection and design through post-treatment 

Gloved hand cleaning a data center with an Ecolab towel.
Critical Hygiene Solutions

Customize a data center program to support safe and healthy environments for your staff and customers. 

Constantly Innovating to Help You Meet Your Enterprise-Wide Sustainability Goals

Water flowing from a pipe
Water Flow Intelligence

Uncover water savings opportunities via real-time visibility and data-driven insights.

Smart Water Navigator
Smart Water Navigator

Helping brands reach their water reduction goals.

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