Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System

Digital Rodent Control Monitoring Solution

Developed with ECOLAB3D™ 

Qualified data to optimize your control rodent program. Gain visibility and greater control with the digital rodents control solution that pinpoints rodent activity, pressure points and high-risk areas.

Optimized your rodent control program
The digital rodent solution integrate a Pest Insights Map to achieving cleaner, safer, and pest-free environment. Tailored to your facility's unique needs, this program gives you all benefits of a new generation proactive & prescriptive approach.
visual insights
Interactive Map
  • Data points are consolidated into highly visual, actionable interactive map
  • Consolidates Bluetooth device activity and service data into a regulatory compliant dashboard
Bluetooth Equipment
  • Collected datas are transferred to Ecolab's secure cloud
  • Monitoring of the entire site, including hard-to-access areas
Onsite & Data Analytic Expertise
  • Accurate datas to determine root cause and target high-risk areas
  • Monitoring and processing of information by Ecolab Intelligence Center

Explore Interactive Map Developed by ECOLAB3D

Qualified data, highly visual and directly actionable visualizes information by consolidating data points. 
To learn more, see the map below.
rodent monitoring
Digital Rodent Control Solution

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