Disinfecting Laundry Detergent for Re-usable Pre-milking Cloths

DermaPerfect assures powerful cleaning, bleaching and disinfection of cloths which are used for teat cleaning before milking. Rich in Oxygen cleaning agents an enzymes, it is suitable with water of any hardness and with all washing machines. DermaPerfect is effective against a large range of bacteria, viruses, spores and yeasts.




Rich in active oxygen and cleaning agents, DermaPerfect™ assures a perfect cleaning of the cloths whatever their initial soiling. DermaPerfect is suitable for any kind of washing machine and keep its tremendous properties whatever the hardness of water.

DermaPerfect contains peracetic acid, a notified active substance for the disinfection of textiles. Used at only 60°C, DermaPerfect is effective against all kind of bacteria, yeast, spores of Clostridium difficile and viruses.


DermaPerfect is a must for a perfect cleaning and disinfection of any kind of cloths. Its amazing capacity to be used at 40°C or 60°C allows savings in term of electricity and premature wear of the washing machine and of the cloths in comparison to the usual washing protocol at 90°C. Free from phosphate, DermaPerfect is environmental friendly.

Package Size Product Code EAN Code
2326250 4028162326253
60 cans


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