EcoTemp Machine

EcoTemp: The Rental Warewashing Program Without Investment

Ecolab's EcoTemp Warewashing Rental Program, simplifies professional dishwashing operations by combining efficiency, safety and durability whilst controlling costs. This is the magic formula that makes Ecolab's EcoTemp® program so successful.  EcoTemp® combines an ultra-efficient dishwashing machine adapted to your needs, products for machine dishwashing, chemical dosing systems, preventive maintenance, training staff and regular service visits. Everything has been designed to make your job easier. 

The EcoTemp® Concept
  • Low monthly fees
  • No initial investment
  • Machines at the cutting edge of technology
  • Ecolab covers all service and maintenance costs
  • Super concentrated products
  • Easy-to-use dispensers
  • Regular assistance and training

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Controlling Costs

With EcoTemp®, you have the latest generation of professional dishwashers for a fixed monthly fee which includes rental and maintenance.

This gives you control over your budget, for a lower operating cost, without capital investment and repair bills.

Water softener & reverse osmosis units are also available with the EcoTemp® program.

« From €6.69 per day including maintenance »


Looking for More Information

EcoTemp Brochure
EcoTemp Machine Rental Brochure

Would you like more information about our EcoTemp machine rental program? Download our brochure to learn more about simplifying your dishwashing operation and controlling costs.

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