Clean and white. Soft and fresh. You want the clean, white, soft and fresh results guests expect – the first time linens are laundered. The Aquanomic Low-Temp Laundry Program offers consistently superior results that delivers significant energy and water savings over traditional laundry programs, improving your bottom line. Whatever your laundry needs and challenges, Ecolab can offer a complete laundry solution that helps reduce rewash while extending the life of your linens.
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Aquanomic is the latest revolutionary breakthrough in laundry innovation and helps to improve the quality, safety, reliability and operational efficiency of your laundry. Take your laundry operation to the next level by controlling costs, maximizing results and protecting your brand with Aquanomic. 

Aquanomic is the the complete laundry solution which has been developed to deliver world-class results through 5 key components:

  • The RIGHT products
  • The RIGHT wash processes
  • The RIGHT dispensing
  • The RIGHT insights
  • The RIGHT training & Support

 Aquanomic solves your biggest laundry challenges

  • Provides consistent, high quality results
  • Tells you when your procedures aren't being followed
  • Makes laundry simpler and safer for you and your staff
  • Cuts packaging waste by up to 70%
  • Could reduce your water and energy costs
Aquanomic Laundry Program Brochure

For more product details and to learn more about how the Aquanomic laundry program improves the operational efficiency of your laundry please download the product brochure below.