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A Letter from Chairman and CEO, Doug Baker

Reflections on Ecolab's sustainability impact.

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A letter From Our Chairman

We have thousands of chemists and chemical engineers at Ecolab, and they all know what a catalyst is: a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction. Outside of the laboratory, a catalyst is defined as something that brings about a change. 

We like to think of our company as a catalyst, because the work we do delivers both economic and environmental benefits to drive positive change in the world. We work behind the scenes at nearly three million customer locations globally to promote safe food, maintain clean environments and improve operational efficiencies, while reducing water, energy and waste. We help our customers operate more efficiently — saving them money and reducing their impact on the planet. Over the years, we’ve learned that when economic and environmental goals come together, positive change accelerates.

As we expand our capabilities to do more for our customers, we are shifting our focus beyond conservation to a circular approach to resource management that encourages reuse and recycling of finite resources — in particular, water. This shift is essential because we are facing a future that will place even greater demands on our limited resources.

In 2017, we helped customers conserve more than 171 billion gallons of water, save 12 trillion British thermal units (BTUs) of energy and eliminate 52 million pounds of waste. 

Our more than 26,500 service professionals and 1,600 scientists are crucial to our efforts to serve our customers and advance the common good. Together, they deliver on what we consider a truly noble
purpose — to make the world cleaner, safer and healthier, protecting people and vital resources.

Our talented Ecolab team is backed up by our 95-year history of innovation. Today, through expanded digital technologies and “connected” chemistries, we turn data into real-time, actionable insights and smarter solutions to drive operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact for our customers. We are developing solutions to customer problems faster and more comprehensively than ever, helping customers meet their own sustainability goals and supporting their growth.

Our biggest impact on our planet is through the work we do around the world — for our customers and in support of partnerships and programs that protect the environment, such as the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. But we also set internal goals to leverage our technology to reduce water, energy and waste in our own operations. 

At Ecolab, sustainability is a core value that we all share. It’s what guides our efforts to create solutions that will drive growth for our customers, and for our company, while reducing our combined impact on the planet. 

Operating at the nexus of business and sustainability, we strive to lead by example and serve as a catalyst for a better world.


Douglas M. Baker, Jr.
Chairman and CEO