Two Experts Inspecting Dairy Membranes

Ultrasil™ MembraneCARE 2.0

Ultrasil Membrane Care 2.0 is a new generation program for membrane cleaning designed for dairy manufacturers producing premium quality products. It includes new biodegrabable cleaners:

  • Ultrasil 120: cleaner liquid highly alkaline with buffering capacity
  • Ultrasil 620: neutral enzymatic cleaner
  • Ultrasil 720: acid liquid product without phosphate
  • Ultrasil 722: Reinforced liquid acid product, phosphorus-free for better efficiency in removing mineral deposits and clogging
  • Ultrasil 08: Additive for the removal of important fatty residues

The Ecolab new generation program is developed to:

  • Increase membrane capacity up to 10%
  • Cleans quickly with easy rinse off step, reducing CIP cycle times up to 15%
  • Reduce water usage and energy consumption up to 15%
  • Reduce chemical degradation and extend the life of membranes up to 10%
  • Minimize environmental impact, cleaners are formulated without chlorine, EDTA, nitric or phosphoric acid
  • Increase FOOD SAFETY by highly reducing surfactants in formula, thanks to more effective enzymatic cleaning (patent pending).
Ultrasil™ MembraneCARE 2.0 Program Overview

Discover in video Ultrasil MembraneCARE 2.0, Ecolab new generation program of membran cleaning for dairy manufacturers producing premium quality products. 



Ultrasil™ MembraneCARE 2.0

Our proprietary CIP membrane cleaning program reduces CIP cycle times and extends the life of membranes.  Learn more about how ULTRASIL™ MEMBRANE CARE 2.0 can optimize your operation through reduced dependence on surfactants, increased membrane capacity and lower water usage/energy consumption.

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