Commercial Pest Control for stored product pests

commercial Stored Product Pest elimination

Stored product pests breed and feed on or in grains, seeds and other stored products, damaging and destroying the foods so they are no longer fit for consumption. They can impact your business in many ways including product loss, lost production time, audit score deductions and reputation. By partnering with Ecolab we can help implement a proactive program to help prevent stored product pests in your facilities.
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Stored Product Pests Can Have A Major Impact to Your Business

Stored product pests are beetles, weevils or moths that feed on or gather around processed and non-processed dry foods such as pasta, flour, cereal, pet foods, dry milk, grains, spices, baked goods and other dry goods. Stored product pests generally affect food processing and food retail facilities where the ingredients and processes can create ideal conditions for these pests.

These insects can have a major impact to your business including:

  • Product loss
  • Lost production time
  • Audit score deduction
  • Treatment costs
  • Brand reputation
  • Consumer complaints

Elimination of these pests can be costly, both in terms of required treatment and production downtime.
Our proactive Stored Product Pest Program helps to identify problem areas and drive down pest activity.

A successful prevention program requires a strong partnership between you and Ecolab. Together, we can identify and prevent conditions that can cause pest-related risk.

Pests Have No Place in a Food Plant
Implement a preventive pest program that includes increased cleaning, effective monitoring and proactive treatments that drive down pest activity.
Stored product pest infographic

Discover all what you need to know about Stored Product Pest :

- TOP 5 

- Potential Impact

- Detection Tips

- How To Protect 


Illustration of how Stored Product Pests feed on a grain kernel.

There is four main kind feed manners : 

1/ Internal feeders

2/ External Feeders

3/ Secondary "Obligate" Feeders

4/ Scavengers