JetFoam Base

JetFoam™ Base

Active foam for daily teat cleaning and disinfection before milking

  • Active foam for optimum cleaning
  • Strong disinfection based on Chlorine Dioxide
  • Easy to apply, clean and dry
  • 50:50 mixing procedure allowing to activate only the quantity needed for each milking; mixture can be still used up at the next milking if too much has been activated


JetFoam Base Product Details

JetFoam is obtained by mixing, in equal parts (50/50), JetFoam Base and JetFoam Activator. Wait 2 to 3 minutes. Press the cup reservoir several times to form the foam. It is thus ready to be applied to the teat. Leave for 15 seconds and wipe dry.


The ActiveFoam formed by JetFoam fully covers the surface of the teat and allows for easy cleaning. JetFoam has a complex dermatological fraction that softens, invigorates and relaxes the skin of the teats. The large contact surface also provides optimum disinfection of the skin covering the teats.

JetFoam contains Chlorine Dioxide, a notified active substance for the disinfection of the skin of teats for veterinary hygiene. This substance enables strong disinfection and hypoallergenic properties.


JetFoam disinfects the skin on the teats before milking. JetFoam is part of a program for the prevention of mammary infections. JetFoam enables the fast and economical implementation of sound practice for the cleaning and disinfection of teats before milking.

Package Size Product Code Palletization
10 kg - Activator 2326630 60 units
20 kg - Activator 2326650 24 units
60 kg - Activator 2334820 8 units
10 kg - Base 2326670 60 units
20 kg - Base 2326690 24 units
60 kg - Base 23348300 8 units


Not all packages are available in all countries. Please check with your local Ecolab sales representative to confirm availability.

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