Large Flies

A common house fly is considered a nuisance, but flies represent a serious food safety concern. Flies contaminate food with their filth and can contribute to the spread of disease. Stay ahead of large fly problems in and around your facility and provide a clean, safe and healthy environment for your customers with Ecolab’s Large Fly programme.
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Large Flies Can Spread Disease

Large flies, including house flies, bottle flies, blow flies and flesh flies, are associated with the spread of disease causing pathogens that cause disease such as Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Diptheria and Dysentery. These pests have also been shown to transfer E. coli and Salmonella, which cause foodborne illnesses. Because large flies readily transfer pathogens, managing them is critically important for any facility that handles food.

Our expert Service Specialists provide a customised programme featuring leading edge technology and ongoing service to help eliminate flies on the exterior and interior of your facility.

Ecolab's Large Fly programme includes:

  • Inspection of structural and sanitation issues that can lead to large fly infestation
  • Exterior treatments to areas flies congregate including waste and recycling and near entrances
  • Interior treatments
  • Stealth Fly Stations for exterior protection 
  • Fly traps and lights for interior protection
  • Recommendations on how to limit fly entry

Ecolab’s comprehensive pest programme combines an outside-in approach to pest control with on-site consultation, data-driven reporting, customer support 24/7/365 and educational tools to raise staff awareness on how they can prevent pest activity.

When you partner with Ecolab Pest Elimination experts, you can be confident you are getting innovative, science-based solutions to keep your customers and staff safe and your facility pest-free.

Ecolab LED Fly Light

The STEALTH LED Fly Light is Ecolab's revolutionary fly removal technology designed for the interior of your facility. This fly light is up to two times faster and more effective at attracting flies than traditional lights.

Stealth Fly Station Demo video

Our STEALTH® Fly Station discreetly eliminates flies on the outside, while reducing flies entering your facility by 50%. This product is the winner of the 2012 National Restaurant Kitchen Innovation Award. Watch this demo video.


Watch this short video on the importance of keeping large flies out of your food service operation. Ecolab researches fly biology and behavior to help protect your food safety and your reputation.
The more you know about large flies, the more you can keep them out of your facility.

flies are a threat to food safety

A fly can carry up to 6 million bacteria on its body and can transmit up to 200 pathogens that cause disease. Protect your customers, guests and employees by mitigating your risk of flies. Learn how by viewing this infographic.


A large cereal manufacturing company implemented the Ecolab Expanded Large Fly Program providing a comprehensive outside-in approach that resulted in an 81% reduction of large flies.


Study demonstrates that the robust Ecolab Expanded Large Fly Program helps reduce large fly population better than a fly light program alone. This quick service restaurant experienced fly reduction by approximately 49%.


Flies lay their eggs in any warm, moist, decaying organic material on which their larvae can feed when they hatch. Flies can carry more than 100 pathogens that cause human diseases, including Salmonella and E. coli. They can easily transfer these pathogens to food and food handling surfaces, on their bodies and with their sponging mouthparts.

Close up of fly mouth
Flies' sponging mouthparts can easily contaminate food and food handling surfaces.
close up of fly feet
Flies' sticky feet are good at collecting and spreading bacteria.