The brand new KitchenPro Oxy program nominated for the 2019 SIRHA Innovation Award!

December 20, 2018
KitchenPro Oxy product image

KitchenPro Oxy Foam S brings unparalleled visual and microbiological cleanliness for all sectors of Food Service. The unique, innovative technology is based on a patented solution of stabilized hydrogen peroxide with a very broad spectrum of efficiency. This technology eliminates a wide range of microorganisms including viruses or spores.

This safer formula leaves no active residue, hydrogen peroxide decomposes, into water and oxygen after use does not require usage of PPE.

Thanks to superior cleaning power, brought in particular by plant-based surfactants, KitchenPro Oxy Foam S allows to quickly clean and disinfect all types of surfaces by eliminating greasy stains, pigment spots and lime deposits.

  • Food safety: very broad spectrum of disinfection: bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal
  • Efficiency: Excellent cleaning ability on all soils encountered in restoration
  • Safety: No active residue or risk of microbial resistance: hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water & oxygen and unclassified formula, without usage of PPE

Come and discover this innovative program on our SIRHA booth E06 Hall5


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