Sterile Wipes

Available as either impregnated or dry wipes, our range provides an extensive choice for use in the sterile environment.  All are gamma irradiated and are composed of low particulate or non-woven material.  

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available products*

Alcohol Wipes

  • Klerwipe 70/30 IPA Pouch Wipes
  • Klerwipe 70/30 IPA Tub Wipes
  • Klerwipe 70/30 Denatured Ethanol Pouch Wipes

Biocide Wipes

  • Klerwipe Sporicidal Low Residue Peroxide Wipes
  • Klerwipe Amine Wipes
  • Klerwipe Quat/Biguanide Wipes
  • Klerwipe Sporicidal Chlorine/Quat Wipes

Detergent & Maintenance Wipes

  • Klerwipe Neutral Detergent Pouch Wipes 
  • Klerwipe Silicone Pouch Wipes

Dry Wipes

  • Klerwipe Sterile 100% Polyester Dry Wipes
  • Klerwipe Sterile Low Particulate Dry Wipes

Mop Wipes

  • Klerwipe 70/30 IPA Mop Wipes
  • Klerwipe 70/30 Denatured Ethanol Mop Wipes
  • Klerwipe Sporicidal Low Residue Peroxide Mop Wipes
  • Klerwipe Amine Mop Wipes
  • Klerwipe Quat/Biguanide Mop Wipes
  • Klerwipe Sporicidal Chlorine/Quat Mop Wipes
  • Klerwipe Neutral Detergent Mop Wipes

*Please note: Not all products available in all countries.