Turbo Clean & Safe

Turbo clean and safe program guarantees the maximum hygiene for delicate outwear textiles like patient garments used in healthcare facilities and nursing homes.

Turbo Clean & Safe delivers an VAH-certified disinfection at 30°C, with full protection of colors and textile characteristics and, most importantly, a complete deodorization of textile. The ultra-low-temperature also guarantees the lowest cost of washing with regards to water and energy consumption. 

The technology used is a unique combination of a formulated liquid detergent and an Ecolab patent-protected peracid-based bleaching and disinfecting agent, uniquely designed to wash and disinfect at temperatures as low as 30°C. 

Main Features: 

  • Certified disinfection at 30°C 
  • Gentle with colors and fibers 
  • Textile protection 
  • Bad smell removal 
  • Zero peracid smell after drying 
  • Increase washing capacity by up to 25%


Customer experiences using Turbo Clean & Safe:

 My staff was complaining about unpleasant odour while finishing. This is completely gone since we use Turbo Clean & Safe”.

We were using a standard process with peracetic acid. Due to the high dosing amount the chemicals stayed on the textiles.  With Turbo clean & safe the textiles have a fresh and pleasant odour”.

Since we are using Turbo Clean & Safe we improved our operations by 25%. We can wash everything in one batch, no colour fadings anymore! It is good to know that we have a safe disinfection, even for viruses”.

Turbo clean & Safe data sheet

For more information please download the data sheet

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